How to center a title page in word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016,…

How to center a title page in word? You’re in the process of writing a document in Word, but you’re not sure how to create an impressive cover page. Don’t worry, this article will guide you on how to create a cover page in Word!

– Notes when creating a frame for a cover photo in Word:

+ The created page frame should match the content of the article.

+ Don’t frame pages with too much detail.

+ The frame color must match the cover color.

– The following instructions are shown on the 2019 version of Word. For other versions of Word, the steps are similar.

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How to center a title page in word?

– Step 1: Adjust page margins

First, select Layout > Select Margins  > Select Custom Margins.

Step 1

Step 1.1

Then, customize the page margin parameters > Click OK.

Standard margin parameters:

Step 1.2

Step 1.2

– Step 2: Adjust the border

First, select Design > Select Page Borders > Select Options in the dialog box.

Step 2.1

Step 2.1

In the dialog box, select Text in the Measure from >  section Uncheck all cells in the dialog box> Click OK .

Step 2.2

Step 2.2

– Step 3: Create a border

In the Page Borders dialog box, Select the Box > Customize the frame style to your liking, > Select This section under Apply to > Click OK.

Note: You must correctly select the page you need to frame the border, if you do not click on the page, Word will automatically create a border for all pages in the file.

Step 3

Step 3

Above is a tutorial for creating a border frame in Word. Thank you for your interest!

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